I fiddled with a rally idea in my head since 2004 when at a rally I wished "we had something like this in Kansas City." In the summer of 2007, feeling burned out and ready to make some changes in my life...I decided that I wanted to finally buy the farm I had always wanted, move to the country, don myself in my favorite clothing...overalls, what else? and begin planting my "Field of Rally Dreams."     
     Our Mission: "To provide an event to celebrate safely, adult only and build something where you may enter our guest and leave felling like family!!! With this notion that our family will extend itself many times and Grand River Rally becomes a meeting place for biker family and friends to come year after year and keep the good vibe alive in all of our lives until we meet again."

     "Biker" to us means "a state of mind and spirit" and not just if you ride a bike or not...so with that notion, non-bikers are welcome. Additional to this is a philosophy to build something that does not discriminate against people who are handicapped or need or want to take life a little easier. We have tried our best to incorporate wheelchair accessible and handicapped access as much as possible.

     We love Kansas City and Missouri and we are in love with these good country people here in Henry County and the surrounding counties like Bates, Johnson, St. Claire, Lafayette, Cass and others... basically we LOVE the country! We want to share our love in our own back yard, so come and celebrate the biker spirit with us! By the way, we have a special dream and that is to have a lake built upon the property near the stage... and have a beach and a bar and a floating island... okay you get the picture. We will be happy to supply the suntan lotion!!!

     Damn, I didn't realize I had so much to say because the short of it is..." Come, relax and have FUN"....

                   (Need more Info contact us at 816.739.9668 ask

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